Monday, March 14, 2011

Easy Crochet All-Night Soaker Pattern

Quick and Easy Crochet All-Night Soaker

Here is my free crochet soaker pattern for the quick and easy crochet over-night all-night soaker. This pattern will make soakers for sizes Newborn, Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. For yarn, I used two strands of Lion's Brand Fisherman's wool to crochet a thicker and quicker soaker for use all night. Be sure to use a good quality diaper with your over-night all-night crochet soakers. :-)

Required Stitches:
SC: Single Crochet
HDC: Half-Double Crochet
CH: Chain
BLO: Back Loops Only

Required Hooks:
H and I hook (Keep them both handy, as they are used alternately on each row)

Yarn: Lion's Brand Fisherman's Wool (Or your favorite wool yarn)
Gauge: 4 inch squre = 15 stitches wide X 15 Rows (BLO single crochet sections)
Sizes: Newborn, Small, (Medium, Large, Extra Large)
With H hook, Ch 51, 57, (67, 77, 83), Turn.
Row 1: SC in 2nd ch from hook, and in the next 24, 28, (33, 38, 41) chains, Switch to I hook, HDC in next 14, 18, (23, 28, 31) chains, Switch back to H hook SC in last 10 chains, ch 1 (Chain one does not count as SC now or ever), turn.
Row 2: SC in BLO of first 10 stitches, Switch to I hook, HDC in next (14, 18, (23, 28, 31) HDC stitches, switch to H hook, SC in BLO of last 24, 28, (33, 38, 41) sc stitches, ch 1 (Chain one does not count as SC now or ever), turn.
Row 3: SC in BLO of next 24, 28, (33, 38, 41) sc stitches, switch to I hook, HDC in BLO of next 14, 18, (23, 28, 31) HDC stitches, switch to H hook, SC in last 10 SC stitches, ch 1 (Chain one does not count as SC now or ever), turn.
Row 4-27, 30, (34, 38, 41): Continue rows 2 and 3. On last row, finish off, weave in end.

Fold crocheted rectangle vertically, and whip stitch from top unfolded area down 12, 14, (16, 18, 20) stitches on each side seam.

Chain 150 to create a draw string. Thread chain on big needle, and weave it through top of soaker and tie in front.

Feel free to add SC or DC around the legs, but it is not necessary. :-)

Disclaimer: Every baby wets their diapers at different times and rates. While this soaker is very thick, and will work excellent for over-night use by most babies, please be sure to change your baby as often as needed, according to their own wetting habits. :-)

I will freely allow anyone to make items from my patterns to sell. I only ask that no one sell my patterns, or try to claim them as their own. I also ask that anyone selling from items they crochet from my patterns would post a link to my free pattern within the listing. I do think anyone purchasing crocheted items deserves the right to know that they could make it for free, also. I have noticed listings from a few sellers who sell items they have crocheted from my patterns, and they haven't been linked. I won't call anyone out, but I do notice. :-) I also think others notice, as well, and this reflects upon these seller's character. When someone offers free patterns with a right to sell, it shouldn't be too much to ask individuals to link back. :-) Thank you for all of those that do link back! I notice you, as well, as do others! <3 May you be richly blessed!

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  1. Thanks for this pattern! My great-niece's baby is about 3 1/2 months now. I'm going to make him several of these!

  2. Thank you for the pattern! I've been looking for a good all night soaker.

  3. You're welcome, Banana Fairy. :-) Enjoy.

  4. Aww... These are so sweet! I love all of them. And how nice to share the pattern. So happy to see you at Tangle Happy. Thanks for your nice comment! :)

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  6. Just curious, what do you mean by you used 2 strands of wool? Did you have two balls of yarn going at once? Sorry, I'm a complete newbie.

  7. cnowen - Yes. You work with 2 strands at once. Just treat them like one.

    How much yarn does the newborn soaker use?

  8. How did you do the leg bands on this one? As I'm new at this, the more specific you are the more appreciated it will be! I thank you in advance.

  9. What are the measurements of the different sizes? Thanks!

  10. Do you know how many yards of yarn it took to make each soaker, by size? Small, medium, large, etc...

  11. Thank you for this pattern. My granddaughter and child number 10 for me are going to be born about 3 weeks apart. Going to make loads of them. :)

  12. About how much yarn does this take?

  13. I wish they put sizes but I tried just doing the chain each amount listed from smallest to biggest until it fit around his waist the way I wanted and it worked

  14. thank you for the free pattern, I needed one to go with a hat I found.

  15. Wool is not a good choice for a soaker. It is naturally water repellent it would keep baby wet. I would make this out of organic cotton or bamboo yarn which will absorb very fast. I use to make diapers and wool was some thing we used as a breathable outer not as a soaker.

    1. A soaker does not mean that it absorbs. A soaker is another term for a cover, kind of. A soaker repels the urine back into the absorbent layers underneath. Which makes wool an excellent material for these. The terminology can get confusing, but yeah, this is a pattern for a cover

  16. on row 4, it says 27, 30, (34, 38, 41) and continue rows 2 and 3. does this mean do rows 2 and 3 for that many more rows? (27, 30, 34, 38, or 41)? or am I doing 30 more rows with just 2 and 3 repeating? sorry if I'm being confusing. any help is greatly appreciated! <3

    1. probably figured it out by now, but you do row 2 and 3 from row 4-> whatever size you chose. So lets say I am crocheting the largest size it would be row 4-41

  17. Should I be stitching in BLO of all SC and HDC for rows 2 and 3? It doesn't always say that in the pattern.